Welcome to Conversations About Life.

I originally started Conversations About Life to help clients to make better choices using logic. I was well equipped to logically offer guidance.  In addition to my bachelor's degree in Social & Health Services, I earned a life coaching certification, learned therapeutic healing techniques, went to workshops and studied with today's most recognized contemporary spiritual leaders. I was educated and intellectually equipped to assist my clients' search for new awareness to enrich their perspectives and best resolve issues in their lives.

Alas, my approach lacked the greatest influence, the emotions that influence all our choices.  I realized a painful truth that I could not effectively help another when I was making detrimental choices in my own life that limited my own growth. I believe there is truth in the statement "you can only bring your clients as far as you have gone in your own life".

In my marriage, I was allowing emotional abuse with threats of physical abuse and constant betrayal. It was not until I found the courage to leave my narcissistic husband did I find clarity about and confidence to change my life. Creating this change has made me a better coach by teaching  me the profound influence that our emotions and ignored intuition has on the actions we take and the one's we don't. 

The basis of my life coaching practice is teaching how our thoughts, emotions and intuition effect our decisions that create our reality.  The knowledge and integration of these three influences best informs our lives.

Conversations About Life is about you discovering your own answers to best live your life aligned with your priorities and desires. 

I can and I want to help.