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Welcome to Conversations About Life!

Conversations About Life was created to provide the opportunity for informal and honest conversations to understand "What is most important to you in life?".  Many of our challenges are the result of the choices we make each day.  Our perspective about life circumstances and challenges is what defines our reality.  A life coaching conversation is about acceptance, creating positive changes, setting goals and identifying ways to meet those goals while finding a healthy balance living the demands of each day.

What brought you here?

Life circumstances can be stressful.  It is how we manage the stress that affects our daily lives.  Physical exercise, relaxation techniques and deep breathing can reduce the affects of stress and anxiety and quiet the negative and self doubting thoughts.  Amid any circumstance with less stress and quiet mind, we find our best solutions. 

What to expect from Conversations About Life

As your Life Coach, together we will define actions, implement changes that enable you to live your life with a quality defined by your values, intuition, beliefs and preferences.  Our best self can emerge from the place inside all of us where the answers we need to live a significant and fulfilling life resides.  My role is to ask the questions that bring to mind the answers you seek in life and encourage achievement of your personal goals.

Goals of Conversations About Life:


About Me:

I am Donna Levesque.  I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Social & Health Services and A Certification in Chemical Dependency Counseling from Roger Williams University with a Life Coach Certification in Strategic Intervention from the Robbins-Mandanes Training Center.  Professionally, I have thirty years of experience analyzing problems and identifying possible solutions.  Personally, like everyone else, I am finding my way through life. 


I look forward to meeting and talking with you.  My fee is negotiable based on individual circumstances. Conversations can be accomplished in person, on the phone or by Skype.  If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with me, you can reach me at 401-835-5937.  You may need to leave a message, but I will return all inquiries personally within 24 hours.  You may also contact me by email at

I am pleased that our paths have crossed and hope our future conversations prove to be beneficial.